We proudly raise organic beef

For our family and yours

Our beef is processed locally in Manitoba

At Oak Ridge Meats in McCreary, Manitoba.

At Grand Willow Organics, we proudly raise organic beef for our family and yours. We offer our customers local Manitoba raised premium certified organic beef products that are traceable to the farm of origin by lot number.
It’s not what’s in our beef; it’s what is NOT in our beef that makes the difference. Our beef does not contain antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids, and the animals are fed non GMO grass and feed that has not been treated with chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers.

Our Protocols

Our certified organic producers follow rigorous specific management and production protocols that go above and beyond government standards. Our cattle are on pasture or fed hay for approximately 24 months and only during the last few weeks (5% of their lifetime) do they have organic grain supplementation. This improves the marbling in meat cuts which we feel provides for a healthy flavorful product. All inputs – straw, mineral, even down to the salt – must meet strict organic rules and producers are third party inspected annually. Our farmers practice holistic management, as producers must maintain a strict standard of animal care to ensure humane treatment of their animals.

Our beef is processed locally in Manitoba at Oak Ridge Meats in McCreary, Manitoba. The meat is government inspected, dry aged, cryovaced and delivered every second week into Winnipeg fresh or frozen. Oak Ridge Meats must also be third party certified to handle organic beef to ensure that our meat is segregated from conventional beef and all rules as set out by the Canadian Organic Standards are followed.