Meet the farmers

In the Parkland region, nestled between the Riding and Duck Mountains, Bill & Kim Frykas along with their sons Chris and Tyler operate a second generation family farm. Located south west of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, the Frykas’s certified organic farm consists of a mixed Red and Black Angus cow-calf and backgrounding operation on 720 acres of certified organic pasture and cropland. They have been supplying the Manitoba organic beef market under the Clear Creek Organics brand for approximately five years, and are now pleased to supply Manitoba under the Grand Willow Organics Ltd brand.

The Frykas’s decision to transition to organic management practices supports their underlying beliefs about environmental stewardship and holistic living. They began transitioning into organic farming in 2003 when the threat of an intensive livestock operation starting up near their farm sent them researching and learning of the negative effects of factory farming and conventional farming practices in general. The farm operation is currently certified by an annual inspection through Pro-Cert Organic, a third party certifying agency.

The Angus beef are well protected from the harsh prairie winters with adequate shelter. When the beef aren’t in the organic pastures during the summer, they are fed organic grass hay/alfalfa bales and a small amount of grain produced on their own land. The feeder calves take approximately two years to finish before leaving the farm. The pastures are free from any chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, commercial fertilizers and are GMO free. The beef cattle are free from any antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or chemical additives. They proudly raise this high quality beef for their family and yours.

They welcome visitors to their farm, just call and book a tour.